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"OK Supertrans" transports dozens of cyclists to Vitosha mountain for free

On June 4, OK Supertrans transports cyclists to Vitosha for free to a specially organized event in front of the sports shop at Boulevard Simeonovsko shose №4А - SPORT Station Shop Bulgaria. This was done with the help of the company's new five Velotaxis, equipped with bicycle racks from our partners Drag Bicycles.

The interest in the event was great, many of those wishing to be taken to the mountain, along with their bicycles, had booked seats and taxis days before. Every taxi has the opportunity to transport three bicycles and even so our cars have made several courses with enthusiastic cyclists, eager to descend the slopes of the beautiful Vitosha Mountain. So they saved time and enjoyed much longer their sports hobby.

OK Supertrans informs all the bikers that they can call to make a reservation on a specific hour or order a velotaxi on the company's phone number 02/973 21 21. Prices are normal according to the company's fares, with no added fees for the bikes.

Summer will be much more interesting and reaching the desired destination with your favorite bike is easier with our new Velotaxi service.

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