Quality Management Policy


The main objective of the management and the team of OK SUPERTRANS AD is to preserve and maintain the company as a sought after, reliable and preferred partner in organizing and carrying out taxi transportation on the territory of Sofia.

OK SUPERTRANS AD’s prosperity, competitiveness and conquered market positions are achieved thanks to our professionalism, accurate market assessments and anticipating expectations for our customers' expectations. The main characteristic of our philosophy and practice is the managerial will for constant improvement in all directions of realization, which forms a modern corporate culture.

We can achieve this goal through the continuous development and improvement of the services we offer through the implementation of the ISO 9001: 2015 Management System. In this regard, the management of OK SUPERTRANS AD undertakes the following commitments:

• Provide services for the continuous satisfaction of customers and all stakeholders related to the quality of service in preventing or limiting the negative impact on the environment.

• Identify and periodically review all requirements, own and of the customer and other stakeholders related to the management system;

• Define the organization's context and all external and internal management issues as well as changes in them;

• Identify the risks and opportunities for business processes, the owners of these risks and opportunities, the criteria for assessing the risks and opportunities for business processes, and the level of acceptable risk and the planning of the necessary actions depending on the risk assessment;

• Fully meet customer requirements, using the expertise and experience of the team, as well as selecting reliable external specialists and subcontractors;

• Continuously improve the processes of performance of the activity, the competence of the employees, the infrastructure and the equipment used, and the management system as a whole;

• Know and apply the requirements of the applicable national and international normative documents;
• Annually define specific measurable targets when conducting reviews by management;

• Proclaim this policy among the employees of the company and encourage their contribution to its implementation.

The Executive Director and the Management Team are responsible for implementing and maintaining this Policy and are committed to maintaining and continually improving the management system.

All employees are directly responsible for the implementation of the Policy and ensure its implementation.

When necessary, policy is also available to external stakeholders.

The policy is reviewed at least once a year when conducting the management review.

as Executive Director of OK SUPERTRANS AD


personal involvement and commitment to maintain and continuously improve the efficiency of the OK SUPERTRANS AD Management System and to implement this quality policy.

Executive Director of OK SUPERTRANS AD
(Ludmil Lazarov)