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Hourly taxi rental

O.K. Supertrans taxi offers new service to its clients – hourly taxi rent. The service is suitable for guests of the city who wish to explore selected sites and attractions. For reservations, please call (+359) 2 973 21 21.

More information and prices

Offer to companies

If you are a company and sign a contract with us, we will pay the drivers for you throughout the month and send you a tax invoice (incl. VAT) at the end of the month.

We offer you the following mode of payment:
Voucher Booklets - we will prepare and provide you with booklets of numbered vouchers. The design, the number of vouchers per book and the particulars to be entered will be based on what you need and want. The price for preparing and printing the voucher booklets is BGN 6.00 (excluding 20% VAT).

When using a “O.K. Supertrans” taxi, your member of staff should write down his/her name and the amount registered on the taxi fare display.  Give the first copy of the form to the taxi driver, the second copy is for your accounting purposes. On the first day of the month, we will issue you a tax invoice for the previous month. Payment is due within five days of receiving the invoice.